Reasons Why You Need to Replace a Missing Tooth

Reasons Why You Need to Replace a Missing Tooth

If we talk about why it is important to replace a missing tooth then there are not just a few reasons but it is a significant concern and has many reasons for that. Oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of our lives and to live a healthy and good life it is very important to take care of our oral health. When we lose a tooth that is in the back of the mouth it may not seem to be a troublesome concern. But when we lose a front tooth it affects our smile and the appearance of the whole body. However, every problem has a solution and most diseases have cures. In case, you have a missing front tooth then it is highly advised to replace it with the help of dental implants treatment from South Flores Dental Clinic in San Antonio.

Reasons Why You Need to Replace a Missing Tooth

What Happens When You Lose A Front Tooth?

You may wonder what can be the consequences of losing a front tooth in the mouth well, your presumptions definitely have significance as there are many disadvantages of having no front tooth. Here we are gonna talk about those stumbling blocks.

  • The most awful effect of not having a front tooth is that it badly affects your oral health, aesthetics, and physical appearance. 
  • Smile is what matters most in the body whenever we meet our friends, family, and loved ones consequently, if you have a missing front tooth then it will definitely affect your life as you might start to hesitate to smile, laughing and having a good time with your loved ones.
  • All of our teeth have a responsibility and are meant to jointly function evenly when we eat. Therefore, the lack of even one single tooth cause extreme pressure on other teeth that were never expected to manage the increased pressure. 
  • Not replacing a lacking tooth can lead to unstable dental pain, which as a result induces early dental damage, jaw discomfort, plus TMJ complications.

Here Are Reason Why You Need To Replace That Missing Tooth

Each Of The Teeth Needs The Other: Our teeth depend on each other so that they can remain in their exact place. Therefore, when even one of the teeth is missing for a long time, the neighboring teeth can start to change their position. The change can suddenly lead to the gums and roots remaining bared to the oral bacterium that can induce extreme plus harmful plague.

Keep A Healthful Jawbone – The roots of our teeth ease to improve the renewal of the wholesome jawbone. Nevertheless, if a tooth plus its root are missing, the bone begins to decay moreover it can eventually lead to the damage of the side tooth. 

Prevent The Pain While Chewing: When you have a missing front tooth it results in causing severe pain whenever you chew and eat vegetables and other nutritious meals. Therefore, having a missing replaced tooth can stop the pain while chewing anything.

It Can Protect The Jawbone Deterioration: As different instances of the symbiotic connection that subsists within the various portions of your dental structure, if it’s been a long time that you are living without a tooth, then the jawbone size can reduce or obstruct the creation of fresh bone cells. Which can lead to bone deterioration. Therefore, if any teeth are persisting, it puts them at the chance of uprooting. Hence, it is very crucial to replace a missing tooth on time to not face more problems in the future.

How Dental Implants Help:

While there are different alternatives for reinstating the lacking tooth, the dental implant is viewed as the gold standard. The main idea is that it’s the sole and independent method that reinstates the whole tooth, from the root to the top. 

The method begins with your dentist creating a cut inside the gums and next drilling a little gap within the fundamental bone make-up. A cylinder-shaped titanium implant is later appended and permitted to blend with the present bone within a method termed osseointegration. Commonly, it requires 6 to 9 months for the mixture to transpire also for your gums to recover. Next, a titanium abutment is affixed, which lets an enamel repair be lastingly attached to the implant. The outcome will be a completely renewed, comfortable, and beautiful smile.

If you have a missing tooth, book an appointment with South Flores Dental Clinic to know more about how dental implants can restore your oral health and smile.