5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Getting Microscope-Enhanced Root Canal Treatment

5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Getting Microscope-Enhanced Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp of the tooth has been damaged beyond repair. This usually results in inflammation or infection and it triggers a severe toothache. It is often proves to be a hassle-free, long-lasting repair of a tooth, especially when conducted by a competent dentist.

A root canal treatment has always been one of the most dreaded dental visits due to its association with being a painful procedure. Nowadays, thanks to the latest technological advances like microscope-enhanced dentistry, root canal treatment is a painless routine procedure. If you too are experiencing tooth decay or severe toothache, then read on to know and understand the basics of it and how a microscopic treatment would be the best bet for you.

How root canal treatment is performed?

As part of the Root Canal Treatment, first, the infected pulp is removed by an experienced dentist. The hollow part of the tooth is then filled with a sealant. After the process, the tooth is restored using fillings or a crown.

Sometimes, in tooth decay, bacteria can infect the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber of the teeth is enclosed and completely protected by the tooth enamel. Dentists need precision to remove the infected pulp and apply sealants.

At South Flores Family Dental, our dentists rely on the more sophisticated and accurate microscope for these treatments. The microscope helps our dentists to get a better, more magnified view of the root canal which facilitates enhanced precision of the treatment.

5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Getting Microscope-Enhanced Root Canal Treatment

Here are the benefits of microscope-enhanced root canal treatment

1. The dental microscope allows the dentist to locate, clean, and fill extra canals and spaces within an infected tooth that may otherwise have been missed.

2. Using a dental microscope, teeth and gums can be viewed at between 2x to 40x magnification, while being illuminated by a bright LED light. The dentist performing your treatment can see things that are not visible to the naked eye. This helps the dentist to fill the root canal precisely and make the tooth margins smooth so crowns and fillings fit accordingly.

3. Improved precision in microscope-enhanced dentistry means less tooth structure is removed during the treatment and the chances of post-operative sensitivity may be reduced.

4. Detection and correction of fine cracks are possible using dental microscopes. Microscopic procedures enhance the effectiveness of dental procedures and help in achieving fantastic results.

5. During your microscope-enhance root canal appointment, the accurate treatment will affect the least possible surgical area. It results in faster healing of soft tissues and bones and minimal damage and discomfort.

Other procedures

Apart from this treatment, you may find your dentist using a microscope for treatments such as:

  • Patient examinations
  • Restorative procedures
  • Crown preparations
  • Cosmetic procedures e.g. veneers
  • Treatment of gum diseases
  • Oral surgery
  • Dental implants

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Microscope-assisted root canal treatment increases the diagnostic abilities and the safety of the treatment, ensuring its success and making the treatment painless for you. If you would like to know more about how dental microscopes can help you make your next treatment painless and comfortable, book a free consultation today! Call us at (210) 225-3333.

Do I Need To Worry About a Toothache?

Are you experiencing pain in a tooth when you eat or drink? Or do you have an ongoing ache for the last 1-2 days? There could be many reasons why you’re experiencing pain in your teeth. Should you be worried about a toothache? Let’s look at the different symptoms, possible problems, and urgency of treatment.

Possible Causes of Toothache

Toothaches can be caused by different problems. Sometimes, you may experience severe pain while other times the toothache might fade away. However, pain in and around teeth can actually point to serious problems happening in your mouth. If left untreated, toothaches can grow into a much more serious problem.

Some common causes of toothache include:

  • Dental cavities
  • Damaged fillings
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Fractured tooth
  • Teeth grinding
  • Gingivitis
  • Severe infection

Along with a toothache, you should be on the lookout for:

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Swelling of the gums 
  • Bad taste in your mouth due to discharge from the infected tooth

When should I see a dentist about a toothache?

See your dentist as soon as possible about your toothache if: 

  • You have a toothache that lasts longer than 1 or 2 days 
  • Your toothache is severe 
  • You have a fever, earache, or pain upon opening your mouth wide 

When you visit an emergency dental care, your dentist will be sure to pull your medical history and perform an exam. They will also ask questions such as:

  • How severe is the pain?
  • When did the pain start?
  • Where is the pain located?

What treatments are available for toothache?

Many toothaches will need professional care from a dentist. Treatment for a toothache depends on the cause. 

If you’re experiencing pain due to a cavity, your dentist will fill the cavity or possibly extract the tooth, if necessary. 

If you have a tooth infection, a root canal might be needed. Bacteria that have worked their way into the inner aspects of the tooth cause such an infection. An antibiotic may be prescribed if there is a fever or swelling of the jaw. 

A severe toothache caused by a crack in your tooth needs urgent treatment to decrease your pain and fix the tooth.

If you are wondering if you should be worried about toothache, it is better to be safe and visit a dentist. At South Flores Family Dental, we’ll be glad to schedule you into our office for a toothache exam or fit you in for an emergency visit if necessary. Our goal is to get you out of pain and smile again.

Preventing toothaches

Following good oral hygiene can prevent toothaches. Brush your teeth regularly with fluoride-containing toothpaste. Floss once daily. It is recommended to see your dentist twice a year for professional cleaning.

Get help for a toothache

Whenever you’ve got a toothache, get in touch with your dentist to determine if you require urgent attention. By taking care of dental problems at the first signs, you can avoid a bigger problem. If you are not getting help for tooth pain due to dental anxieties, phobia, or fears, South Flores Dental can help you. We use sedation techniques to help keep you comfortable and calm throughout dental procedures. With our expertise and different types of sedation dentistry techniques, your procedure will be comfortable and painless. Book an appointment for a consultation today! Or call us at (210) 225-3333.