Follow These Tips For Dental Implant Recovery

Follow These Tips For Dental Implant Recovery

Most people lose some or all of their teeth due to old age. With accidents and diseases, it can happen at a young age as well. However, since teeth are essential for maintaining the outlook of the face, people have often used bridges and dentures to fill the gap artificially. However, dental implants have been serving as an alternate long-term procedure for doing the same.

These implants are false teeth that look natural and last a lifetime. The false teeth are implanted by surgery and completed; they can act as a viable replacement for the original teeth.

However, since dental implants are a surgical procedure, patients need to take good care of themselves to recover as soon as possible. 

Tips for Dental Implant Recovery

Best Tips for Recovering After a Dental Implant Surgery

As mentioned earlier, recovering after such surgeries is crucial to lead a healthy life. Dental implant expert Dr. Martin Garcia shares some of the best tips for patients to heal themselves quickly after such surgeries are as follows-

  1. Treat the Initial Discomfort

After the surgery, the implants can cause some discomforts such as bruising, swelling, minor bleeding, etc. Usually, such pain can be taken care of within three days of the surgery. Applying ice packs or giving a cold treatment can help with the pain and reduce swelling.

  1. Follow the Diet for Post-Surgery

After the surgery, a fixed diet needs to be followed by the patients. For the first two days post-surgery, only soft foods and liquids should be consumed. From the third day onwards, semi-solid foods can be tried on an experimental basis. Acidic and spicy foods are to be strictly avoided during this time. Also, patients should avoid using straws for consuming liquids and drinks. A regular diet can be started after a week or so with the consultation of the doctors.

  1. Take Adequate Rest

After the surgery for dental implants has been completed, patients are advised to rest for 2-3 days, if possible. In this duration, getting proper sleep is very important. This will speed up the healing procedure. Light work activities can be tried after three days of adequate resting.

  1. Take Proper Medications

Different patients may undergo another type of complications after their dental surgery. Hence, doctors prescribe the medicines that are the best for your condition. Be sure to take those medications only and in the specified amount. Also, dentists should know beforehand what kind of medicines you take and what kind of allergic reactions you have, if any.

  1. Follow After-Care Procedures

Following after-care instructions after having dental surgery is very important. The dentist will make sure that the healing of all your oral parts take place. Hence, you may be advised of some typical care routines. This may include restricting brushing of teeth or rinsing of mouth on the first day right after surgery. You may also be asked to use salt water for rinsing your mouth. Follow these procedures to speed up the healing process.

Final Words

With proper care, the recovery process can be speedy. Most patients return to a normal lifestyle within two weeks. This way, you will avoid any complications and be confident about showing your smile to the world. You can consult Dr. Martin Garcia at South Flores Dental Clinic if you want to know more about dental implants.